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GeneAware is a reproductive carrier screen for adults who wish to learn their carrier status for various genetic disorders to make empowered family planning choices.

For general information about the GeneAware test, including who should be tested, why carrier screening should be considered, and what costs to expect, please visit Learn About GeneAware. You can also check out our informational video to learn more about GeneAware.

How to Get Tested

GeneAware must be ordered by your health care provider. If you are interested in getting tested, bring this letter to your health care provider during your next visit. It will give them an overview of the test and how to order it for you.

Submit a Sample

GeneAware only requires a simple blood draw. Testing will be completed within two weeks after the sample is received at our lab. Your report will be sent to your health care provider, who will share your results with you.

What to Expect from My Report

The report will provide clear information regarding your carrier status, either positive or negative.

If you test negative:

  • You have a reduced risk of having a child affected with the disorders that were included in your GeneAware test
  • Risk is further reduced if your partner was tested and is also negative
  • Your report will provide your post-test risk of having an affected child
  • If you have a family history of one of these disorders please review this with your health care provider as this may impact your final risk calculation

If you are found to be a carrier for a disorder, the report will contain:

  • General information about the disorder for which you are a carrier (This information can also be found on our website)
  • Your post-test risk of having an affected child
  • Additional testing you may wish to consider, such as carrier screening or full sequencing of individual genes for your partner
  • A letter that you can send to your family members to let them know about your positive results so that they may consider being tested as well

After discussing your test results with your health care provider, a complimentary consult with a certified genetic counselor is available by phone. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here. If you would prefer to see a local genetic counselor in person, you can locate one through the National Society of Genetic Counselors.

If you and your partner are found to be at a significantly increased risk of having a child affected with one of these disorders, there are many family planning options you can discuss with your health care provider (including, but not limited to, using an egg or sperm donor, adoption, prenatal testing, or preimplantation genetic diagnosis).

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